Origami No Kunoichi



When the hands are busy, the heart is serene’- Akira Yoshizawa

The main objective of Origami No Kunoichi is to spread love and good wishes, bringing out the positive energy within the individual while presenting origami art in a creative and unique way.

The Positive Affirmation Origami Healing Experience offers people a personal sensory experience that takes them away from the stresses of everyday life to a secret inner world of peace and quiet personal reflection.

We don’t often take the time out to reflect upon ourselves and our personal goals or inner desires. However, when we do, even for just for a small moment, we become more open to future positive experiences and feel a readiness to relax into ourselves and find our own inner peace.


Positive Affirmation Origami Healing guides you to take a glimpse at your own personal zen and provides a unique cultural and artistic


Positive Affirmation Origami Healing Experiences have appeared at The Adelaide Fringe 2017, The Village Festival 2016, Blue Moon Shivoo 2015 and The Castlemaine Fringe Festival 2015.

Positive Affirmation Origami Healing experiences are a beautiful, visually stimulating and emotionally provoking

addition to any festival or cultural event.


The experience involves sound scape healing and Traditional okido principals as well as the sacred art of folding paper.

If you would like to have the Origami No Kunoichi come to your event and provide Positive Affirmation Origami Healing Experiences for your guests, email info@origaminokunoichi.com 

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