Origami No Kunoichi


Based in Castlemaine, Origami No Kunoichi, provides various forms of origami workshops and incursions through Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Victoria. 

The ancient Japanese art of origami is therapeutic, creative, a great method for increasing dexterity and memory skills and also a whole lot of fun.


One of the benefits of Origami No Kunoichi is that we come to you!

Beginner origami workshops can be provided wherever Art or Japanese language is taught.


The specialist Origami workshops can be provided as a series of ten classes over the course of a semester or year, with two different beautiful designs being taught to students each class.

Origami No Kunoichi places a strong emphasis on the value of our environment within the Origami beginners class.

 Students are encouraged through the Origami No Kunoichi Workshops to think on such issues as the threatened state of The Great Barrier Reef, climate change and the value of renewable energy and why we need to save the endangered species of the world.


The Origami No Kunoichi Origami Workshops can also be provided as one-off beginners workshops tailored to suit the school and their cultural and educational needs.

To obtain an Origami No Kunoichi Workshop Information Pack and Course Outline,

email: info@origaminokunoichi.com

We run exciting workshops for adults too.

Adult classes are available privately throughout the year and through local community centres and cultural events on request.

To stay in the loop about future Origami No Kunoichi Beginner Adult Classes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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